And then The hate mail!

2008-03-07 17:28:28 by StickemUpOnline

It's relentless. The shear volume of people who vote down my submissions because they like Water Lollies better. And I know my work isn't even approaching that of Adam Phillips. Look, I understand that Water Lollies is just like a visual orgasm, though, in my opinion, lacking in plot. Not to say my latest submission was at all "thrilling". It's just like some kind of running gag. I submit something I've been working on for a while. It gets great reviews. Then it gets voted up above Water Lollies. That's when it starts. I getter PM after PM, comment after comment, berating me about how my work is shit compared to Water Lollies and it shouldn't be so popular. Look, it's not like I wave some kind of wand and force my work up to the top. It's not like my work just pops up there in a couple seconds. It's a process, that takes days. If you don't want my work above Water Lollies then just give it a bad score before it gets up there. Because, seriously, I'd rather have a shit score than an inbox full of shit talking. So please, use you head. Thnx! XD


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2008-03-07 17:45:18

Adam Phillips used to work for Disney, so of course his work is gonna be great... but this is newgrounds! everyone should get a equal chance at getting a good score, so it makes no sense for people to vote your stuff just down because its getting dangerously close to professional quality.


2008-03-07 17:53:42

YEa I Like Phillip's work, but it is just a visual orgasm, but it dosen't have much of a point or story, people are stupid.


2008-03-07 18:34:42

preaching to the choir =(


2008-03-07 19:21:10

I don't think anybody even cares enough to hate you. I would be very sad for those people if they did though...


2008-03-07 19:26:30

ok if im honest, at this moment in time i havent watched your new submission... but i will when ive posted this. i agree with what you say about getting knocked down because people like his work so much ( i'd prefer to call this dickriding, which it is, they are all on his nuts ) but as ive read somewhere else, it is newgrounds. And hey.... i dont even like any of the waterlollies (fact) i vote them down... they are visually amazing but cmon... they suck
Anyways... for future projects of yours i seriously hope you take the top spot if it is worthy of it... you'll prob be king of the portal again soon so dont worry, keep posting your flash, enjoy making it and reading the good reviews. And when you read the bad reviews thats just simple stuff like you YoU SucK and all that crap just remember that its prob jealousy, if you have 500 reviews of OMG THAtS AMAZING and 1 review of 'water lollies is better' then im afraid you have to just accept it...
But anyways good luck : ) and i hope your submission is good when i watch it right after ive posted this :D


2008-03-07 20:49:54

dude this is bullshit you have a lot of potential a lot of people are better then you but everyone has someone who surpasses them and a lot of the people who are really good like adam phillips are very experienced just watch as soon as you have as much experience as them you will probably as good as, if not better then, them I mean seriously dude everyone has to start somewhere and most start with nothing you know what I mean


2008-03-07 21:35:55

Fags.... i think your work is amazing!


2008-03-07 22:00:11



2008-03-07 22:23:08

My god, that's stupid.

Also, weren't you going to make an animation involving that "Sniper, No Sniping" comic? That would have been hilarious!


2008-03-07 23:35:00

I'm more pissed about people not liking your animation or Adam's. Both were stunning and some people don't think that a flash is good unless it's fucking hilarious or brutally violent.

You have improved so much in such a small amount of time that it's impressive. Don't hang your head because a few people are douchebags. Look at your score. That's enough of a response to all that think you are over-rated.

StickemUpOnline responds:

I'm glad someone has noticed my pace of improvement! XD I'm think'n maybe in a couple years, at this pace, I should have that oscar! Mwa ha ha!


2008-03-07 23:55:31

Don't let the residents of Brackenwood get you down. They have too much team spirit, and not enough sense.


2008-03-08 05:21:13

I hope the hate mail senders die in a fire.


2008-03-08 09:01:32

I haven't sent hate mail...but I think your Flash is way over-rated. I mean, REALLY over-rated. It deserved an award, perhaps, but now it's #2 in the top 50. Which I think is totally undeserved.

StickemUpOnline responds:

Now see, that I don't mind. Why people have to bring someone else work into the mix, that's what really irks me. I respect your opinion. Thnx.


2008-03-08 10:27:34

I feel you're better than adam because you got humor.


2008-03-08 10:36:10

I vote on movies given what I thought of it by itself, not compared to Waterlollies or any other movie.

But if it makes you feel any better, this happens to everyone else. Whenever something climbs to Number 1, it gets downvoted until Waterlollies is back up.

StickemUpOnline responds:

*Shakes fist*
Oi! It's rather frustrating. Good to hear I'm not the only on dealing this crap.


2008-03-08 12:09:10

Madness got an even worse treatment. At least you didn't do something like Cursor*10.


2008-03-08 12:29:44

Wait if YOUR gettin hatemail for being good I wonder How much Adam gets on a daily basis <.< sux to be awesome ...


2008-03-08 12:57:04

they shouldn't complain since the only reason it is getting higher is because of all the haters voting waterlollies down every day :D i thought it was a fantastic animation and it deserves the score it has.


2008-03-08 13:32:38

Fuck Phillips, he make us all look like talentless clowns each time he posts a submission, i don't mind his stuff being in the top 10 of all time but god damn, don't downvote a movie because of another movie.


2008-03-08 16:57:17

Man your work is awesome. your latest is sooo creative, watching it was a true experience, hope to play u on TF2 again sometime :) And keep the work up!!!


2008-03-08 23:26:09

"Dude, Where's My Penis?" is more deserving of the #2 spot. "The Pen is Mightier..." should be more like #3. Then again, I find well done cock jokes great, so of course that one would be higher. >_>


2008-03-09 15:31:14

your stuff makes me laugh :3


2008-03-09 16:17:03

Finally! Its about time a respectable person dealt with this Waterlollies pandemic! All his shit lacks a story and humor. In 2 weeks, I bet MGA2 will be number 2 nd Waterlollies is number 1. Fucking Brackenwoodies...


2008-03-09 16:48:04

I dont care whay other people think, and you shouldent either, your a great flash guy and you shouldent be detered by rude comments


2008-03-09 16:54:44

It is not like you control how people vote. It isn't your fault if your stuff gets voted up that high


2008-03-09 17:14:36

I totaly get where you're coming from dude, you made great flashes, no argue with that, and no, the graphics aren't as good as water lollies.
You made a good flash, but because some people voted it above water lolies, they get regrets. They don't wanna blame themselves so the easy way to deal with it is by sending you hatemail.
Try to remember the few hours you spend above water lollies. Don't let hatemail bother you. You can do what none of them can. You're great, and keep making flashes.


2008-03-09 21:31:27

Unlike waterlollies your movie "The pen is mightier..." was actually funny xD and had good animation and drawing :D DON'T LISTEN TO THOSE FAGGOTS >:( THEY WATCH BARNEY AND PLAY WITH BARBIES


2008-03-09 21:40:35

you know this is Newgrounds, a site made for teens. some of them hold onto things a little too tight and defend things religiously without reason. i've seen this happen so many times here and in many other sites. so don't expect your words to get across to most of them.

i don't think waterlollies deserves number 1 because it's just another brackenwoods flash. MGA2 does deserve it cause it's stands for everything this site is. i like your latest one. if you had animated the characters instead of shaking stick figures, then i'd say this deserves top 15. it's still top 40 for the message you're putting out there and the rest of the animation.


2008-03-10 19:11:49

Even though I agree that Water Lollies and other of Adam Phillips' works are an orgasm for the eye I have noticed very considerable progression in your work as well. I very much enjoy your flashes n junk. I mean, if you were so bad, then you wouldnt've been the last king o the portal, and that's basically one of the best accomplishments on this site. Your flashes are very good and am looking forward to your next ones. Oh yeah, and sagging testacles.


2008-03-11 05:11:25

Newgrounds is filled with idiots.

A couple years ago Andrew Kepple made a cartoon about God that was hilarious and fantastic. Once it got above Bitey of Brackenwood, in came the hate mail.

Andrew then linked to, in the authors comments, a special flash cartoon featuring his God drawing throwing a giant boulder and killing that little yellow bouncy bird thing from Bitey.

DAMN did it make the stupid people angry. Everyone else was laughing their ass off though.

But yeah things never change.

My advice is to find a really bad link to something really malicious online. And each time some prepubescent butthair bawls at you via pm, send them the link.
It won't learn them a lesson, but their reaction is always satisfying for a few quick lol's.


2008-03-11 15:36:11

While Adam Phillips has possibly the greatest animating skills EVER he does lack a plot, its just random AWESOME animating. Don't get me wrong hes a damn legend. But Allen Awesome makes movies that are great too (some with plots), my point, stop hating, enjoy Newgrounds. Or you can beg Tom to make a 0-10 voting scale with more complex voting features, or some shit. (I'm not talking about review score either.)


2008-03-11 16:44:20

Adam's work is wonderful and all, but your talented in a different much more entertaining way I think. Keep up the great toons!


2008-03-11 20:32:43

Well, i just see waterlollies and i love it too, i dont say that animation is better and that kind of things, i take it like, the best from the autor, cause the animation "The Pen is Mightier..." is also a good animation too, that kind of animations you dont see them everyday on NG xP, well, the point is that, why blam other flash movie? every movie is scored how its deserved.


2008-03-12 11:26:41

LOL did you notice your 16th now? That sux but your still part of the top 50 so yeah but to be honest with you its slightly more realistic than being #1 ... also what I dont get is how everyone (Im guessing even yourself) is hatin on Adam, you can tell he worked hard on his animation, you can tell he was dedicated and god damnit he always has a story everysingle one of em and you fail to see that you fail period, really I wrote out what his story was on his animation and I really dont feel like typing all of it again. Im not saying NO ONE can ever be more deserving of #1 but as of now nothing oozes more skill and work than his.

Just incase your wondering I voted yours a 5 for 3 days than got bored <.<

StickemUpOnline responds:

I'm not hate'n on Adam, I'm hate'n on people who compare EVERYTHING they watch to Adams work. I know my work isn't near his level. I never expected it to get number 1. I never said it deserves number 1. I never said he doesn't have a story, just that the plot, in my opinion, was lacking. I think he is a very talented animator. I'm glad you voted 5. thnx. But what I'm upset about, if you read, was people complaining that my work isn't better than Adams, as if I went around saying how much better I am than Adam, this is simply not the case. If people want to vote me down, i'm fine with that. If people want to vote me down because they think waterlollies is better, ok. I just don't need to hear about how much better waterlollies is as if I've never seen it before. yes?


2008-03-12 15:25:59

I just learned to ignore the top 50 list. Before Madness 7, submissions would never break 4.3. Now every thing that gets weekly first is well over 4.0, and recently, score inflation is getting worse and worse.


2008-03-12 15:26:58

Also nice touch with the name ;)


2008-03-14 05:33:43

you are complaining about lack of plot and you made a cartoon about a bullet


2008-09-18 06:37:46

I think brackenwood is very good but i dont compare other movies with it, i vote em by quality.. your movies rock, fuck dem idiots! :P