New Flash!

2008-03-04 08:09:08 by StickemUpOnline

Here's a bit of a screen for my new flash! Now go see it in motion!

The Pen is Mightier...

New Flash!


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2008-03-04 08:24:19

two word's KICK'S ASS good job

StickemUpOnline responds:

Thnx! I appreciate it!


2008-03-04 08:57:02

The title and picture lead one to believe this will be a sexual joke. Were this made by Johnny Utah, it certainly would've been.

StickemUpOnline responds:

Next time I'll just forward my work to Johnny Utah with love from squeakytoad. Then he can do it his way, and he'll know how much you want his nuts. Two birds, one stone!


2008-03-04 09:13:39

I voted 5 :3


2008-03-04 09:16:55

The guy with the pen could have just drawn a bulletproof vest >_> stupid...

... lol, no, rly, good job, that was... inspiring =)


2008-03-04 09:27:36

Oh don't get me wrong. I liked it. I feel kinda bad that I voted a couple of points lower than it deserved. I watched it for a little while, and between the stick figures and the excessively long time spent on the black dot bullet, I thought you were just trying to be funny with a spam flash.
Upon rewatching it a little bit later (after hearing some good things about it) I thought it was neat. Nothing epic, but a neat little thing.
You'll undoubtedly have quite a few people screaming at you for saying that destroying isn't art though. They believe whatever they point to and grunt "art" at is therefore genuine art.


2008-03-04 09:47:16

Some very nice effects in there, it was nice to watch :)

If there was a bit more going on in the background such as colours whooshing past, i would of rated higher - but great fun none the less :)


2008-03-04 09:55:47

Could've sworn you said "The Penis Mightier" :p

Very interesting movie, nicely done.


2008-03-04 11:15:52

That score is rising awfully fast. I'll bet it will be 4.19 in only two days (or less) simply because you're the guy who made "My New Grounds".
I'm not saying it's a bad cartoon, but we both know the only score suitable for this thing is around the 3.65 it has now (the 3.50 it had after getting out of judgment was too low).
Oh well, not like score matters or anything.

StickemUpOnline responds:

Seriously? Grow up.


2008-03-04 11:36:31

you are cool.


2008-03-04 11:44:14

Very nice, it was very fluid, and managed to make me laugh as well as fill me with awe. The way it follows the music is quite magical.

And other ass-kissing shit. It's good.

StickemUpOnline responds:

Thank you very kindly! More on the way!


2008-03-04 13:02:45

The thought process behind this is excellent. This should help get some people off their fat asses and do something positive.


2008-03-04 13:50:37

Fantastic, you have good skills.


2008-03-04 14:10:20

That was some COOL animation.
I actually found the starting funny. But then when you went BACK to it at the end, it wasn't that great. Especially how the guy said "woot". What the hell? Nobody says that. That was dumb.

Also, how there were so many words. I was starting to think it was an advert. You should've just said "The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword" and finished.

The bullet and usic was cool though.
Except for a couple parts that dragged on. And I don't like the shape tween you used when it smashedthrough the colour boundary.

StickemUpOnline responds:

Yeah, I had some parts I wasn't 100% on, but I couldn't really think of much else. So I went and pushed it through. I need to start on my Pico day thing ASAP. So, that shouldn't disappoint...anyone! OR ELSE!


2008-03-04 14:35:18

wow i love your work i just looovvvve it!!!


2008-03-04 14:49:03

I'm sorry I doubted you Allen, at first I thought WTF this couldn't have been him, but then it surprised me, dude this thing was both epic and funny.

You have made my day

StickemUpOnline responds:

You're welcome!


2008-03-04 16:05:43

"Not fact, I like it." All I can say about it. Watching a bullet is fun only for a few seconds, then it gets old. Pretty cool, I guess.


2008-03-04 17:18:55

I wasn't a fan of the beginning, but the bullet animation was fantastic, wonderful job!


2008-03-04 17:48:23

sweet flash, and do you use to make flash and can you give a link to a tutorial?

StickemUpOnline responds:

I'd say check out the tutorials on NG. They're pretty good. I really don't have any tutorials that I use. Mostly just trial and error.


2008-03-04 20:41:02

what program do you use and where can I download it?

StickemUpOnline responds:

Flash Pro 8. Macromedia.


2008-03-04 22:18:29

I have some AWESOME advice for you, ALLEN AWESOME.
Get some talent and humor.
That is all.


2008-03-04 22:29:19

Lol, i love your vid of "My Newgrounds"I wan't to do that kind of animation. If i could, lol.



2008-03-05 01:08:49

I've seen your new flash throughly and it sucked balls man. Sorry but in my opinion you should stick with comedy. I don't know exactly what type of genre is The Pen is Mightier but it doesn't truly fits into comedy. I get the point but its not a point for you.


2008-03-05 06:03:11

i like the effects on this one :)
wish i could animate like you do :P
anyways.. i heard you still use flash 8.. is that right?
i use CS3 right now but i think i prefer 8...
anyways good job on this.. im looking forward on seeing more from you


2008-03-05 17:50:07

its definitely the best thing you have done...
its more artistic and the fbf used here is really smooth...
do more like this!!!


2008-03-05 18:01:59

And nice sayings in the flash :D
Seriously "But the pen can only succumb to paper.... and I am no paper, and this is no SWORD *BOOM*)
Damn dude that was GENIUS!


2008-03-06 18:50:11

I love it, check my review of it for details.


2008-03-07 14:58:43

completely awesome, damn your pumping out original and AWESOME movies!!


2008-03-07 16:00:20

I've got to be honest,
I didn't think that flash was that good AT ALL. The song wasn't yours, the effects were good because you have a tablet and because you have the time. But the joke at the end is overused and totally lame. So was the characters. Even though that was supposed to be some kind of a joke, stick men is never a good alternative and the brain effects were just mask. No big fuss.

I think this flash deserved 3.40/5.00 score. Not 2nd best of all time, that's exaggerated.

Well, that's my opinion. And I'm not saying that the flash sucked or anything, because it was a flash of good quality, but I don't think it deserved all that.



2008-03-07 16:05:42

I don't think anyone here can tell me that they think this flash is better than Waterlollies or Madness Inundation and mean it.


StickemUpOnline responds:

Dude! Just go nut on Water Lollies. Yes, we've all seen how great it is. No, I never said my work was better. Give it a rest.


2008-03-07 16:52:47