Time for work!

2008-12-05 10:31:56 by StickemUpOnline

I just uninstalled Left 4 Dead! Time to get to work.

Aw fuck...I've never wanted to play so badly in all my life! :(


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2008-12-05 10:36:28

i hate work
life is short, work more. too bad

StickemUpOnline responds:

I blame money.


2008-12-05 23:32:58

I blame kittens. I hate kittens. Like little devils...

Same with bears... wtf is with bears...


2008-12-06 23:57:12

Well thats good. Make a kickass Christmas movie/Other project. Then back to Left 4 Dead!


2008-12-09 18:00:33

oh god, what have you done!?


2008-12-10 14:05:24

I defenetly don't blame you.
Welfare saves most people.

(Updated ) StickemUpOnline responds:

Welfare, now that seems like a good idea. I'm gonna go get me some! :D


2008-12-16 21:29:53

Wow i wonder:is it free?