2008-12-01 10:28:44 by StickemUpOnline

The project I'm working on is taking a bit longer than expected due to illness and lack of creativity. The song is just about done. Got a bad case of writers block. Hopefully it clears up soon.

On another note, I have a song I wrote that I'm considering doing something with for the x-mas fest. If I have time I would love to enter. We'll see though.


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2008-12-01 19:12:55

Eh, writer's block will clear, just give it time. As for X-Mas submission, that would be amazing to see, if you had the time. Of course, X Mas is only a limited time, while the one your working on can be released whenever, its just a suggestion.

StickemUpOnline responds:

Yeah, that prize money would really come in handy too! Now if only I can stop playing Left 4 Dead!


2008-12-02 20:07:50

Well who needs money, appliances, a job, all that useless stuff when you have Left 4 Dead?

StickemUpOnline responds:

That's what I've been trying to tell my campus when they ask for rent. Dumb bastards!