Okay, For cereals!

2008-11-05 12:03:04 by StickemUpOnline

I'm working on a new project...it's a music video. I was going to do it full on green screen live action and upload it to Metacafe. However, I'm goin to put in the extra work to replace the live action effects with animated effects, so the end result will be another live action/flash animation. Here's the run down:

Song - Epic
Subject matter - Epic
Acting - Epic...ly bad!

I'll try and keep everyone updated as the project progresses. The song is almost finished being written. Should be done at the end of the week. Recording and mixing should only take a couple of days.

Also, sorry I was a no show for Halloween. Life happened and I couldn't meet the deadline even if I tried. I'll just save it until next year!


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2008-11-05 13:40:35

have you ever thought of using holograms to enhance your work?

StickemUpOnline responds:

Yes. I did consider it, but when I got the new version of Flash I was very disapointed to find that this feature was not added. You can rest assured that Adobe got a very stern letter on the matter with a picture of me shaking my fist enclosed.


2008-11-22 11:55:09

sweetness cant wait for it. hope its great!


2008-11-27 11:16:59

cant wait, Love your work.