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Anonymous is at it again!

2008-01-27 12:43:14 by StickemUpOnline

Anonymous Message to Scientology

I heart scientology! Aliens are teh R0x0rz!

Anonymous is at it again!

Make-A-Wish gone bankrupt!!!

2008-01-26 15:41:41 by StickemUpOnline

The world is officially all out of wishes thanks to one little greedy shit of a kid! I hope this kids cancers turns into some kind of hybrid Bear-Shark capable of devours this child's soul!

So If you haven't heard the story, this kid wished for Unlimited Wishes and got it due to legal bindings or some such nonsense.

The best part is when the anchor lady wishes this kid to die soon!

It's on my blog. Here's a link:

Cerebral Lolzy

P.S. My Janurary project really didn't pan out right, and due to complication, had to be scrapped. But I'm working on my next project, Hopefully I'll have it done by the end of Feb!

Make-A-Wish gone bankrupt!!!

Best of December!

2008-01-08 17:11:07 by StickemUpOnline

Oh man, 2008 is gunna be good! This year I'm going to blow your minds!

Best of December!

King of the Portal!

2008-01-02 10:15:35 by StickemUpOnline

Yes my loyal subjects, I am king of the portal! You can start reveling in my majesty now!

Just kidding!
But shit, I'm really fucking excited! Maybe I'll shoot for king of the portal again this month! Meh, maybe February, I'm too busy this month. Well, I'd like to thank NG and everyone who enjoyed my flash. You guys kick ass!

The funny thing about winning this award is the update I wrote for my site yesterday that I'll be posting later today, in about 8 hours. (I'm stuck at work.)

Anyway, got an awesome flash lined up for this month! I'll prolly start doing 1 Flash a month now. You know, pace my self and focus on the comic a bit more. So keep on the look out sometime mid Jan.

Once again, thnx for the support everyone!

King of the Portal!

My NG!

2007-12-12 11:39:01 by StickemUpOnline

I just want to take the time to write a post about the response to my most recent flash. It's been, needless to say, overwhelming! You all left so many kind reviews, and I was so happy to read them all. I'm really sorry I couldn't reply to each on of you individually, there were just so many! I also received alot of very nice PMs from alot of you both complimenting the flash and asking for advice. I've replied to all those who left compliments, as for those asking advice, you should be getting a reply tomorrow. (My first day off since submitting last)

I was also very excited to see many of you expressing a desire to learn flash after watching my short. I am extremely happy to hear that. Flash is by far, in my opinion, one of the funnest programs to animate with. Though, seeing as how I don't work in the field, I haven't experienced much else, say Maya and 3DS Max. Either way, I encourage all of you to pick it up, get some books, read some tutorials, and work your asses off! It's worth it when you finally see your own, finished, animation.

I also had a lot of people ask questions about making it so here it goes.

-It took somwhere between 15-18 hours to complete. I Did it all in one day. I started at 5 AM and, with a few breaks, finished around 11 PM.

-The video actually has no audio. I recorded all of that separate in Acid Music Studio.

-I DID get the idea from the HP commercials. I also have an HP. Coincidence? Yes!

-Yes, that's a Ben 10 statue on the TV!

-No, I wouldn't mind seeing others try doing similar things, maybe for a collection.

-And no, I am not a cyborg created specifically for the purpose of posting on NG!

-Yes, I have many more exciting project currently in the works and on the way! Here's a hint... HandJobs! ( Not what you think it is. )

Again, my thanks go out to all of the NG users who made this such a big success. Like I've said before, if it wasn't for NG, my flash's would just get lost in the infinity that is the interwebs!


Hate Mail!

2007-11-19 20:34:10 by StickemUpOnline

I got hate mail! WEEEEEE! I've finally made it on the interwebs! I'm like 2 shakes of a lambs tail away from being a super celeb! I posted all the hatemail on my site! Of course I blacked out the user's name out of respect for the user's privacy. Even people who send me hate mail get some sorta privacy. I'm not a dick you know, like the kinda person who send hate mail. I expect to get loads more hate mail when I post my next comic on Friday. And no, I don't go around doing things because I know a handful of people are going to hate it. I go around doing things that I find funny, and firmly believe, that even more people will find funny. You'll find, as I spend more time around Newgrounds, that I'm not a very hateful person. I guess I don't have as much to say about hate mail as I thought I did.

Well, come check it out if you want to read it! This person was very mad about the suicide of a very fictional character.


Cherry popped!

2007-10-27 17:17:16 by StickemUpOnline

Mwa ha ha! I feel like a man! Got my cherry popped!

So I was just sit'n here at work, have a shit fest of a day in my cubicle when i got bored and decide to play some games on NG. So, I'm just stroll'n through the internet on my way to NG, I stop and check MySpace, reply to a couple e-mails in which I mention how shitty my day is, then I continue walking. I finally get to NG and see a familiar icon on the front page! "Holy fucking cock gobble!", I exclaim with much disbelief, "I made front page!". So I leaned back in my,semi-reclining, shit-scuse for an office chair and smile with a smug satisfaction. 'I did it', I thought,'I kicked infinity ass!'

True story!

Thnx NG!