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So pissed!

2008-12-20 11:17:10 by StickemUpOnline

So, two days after my last update I got the Flu! I haven't been able to do shit. I'm just barely getting better. Bad news is I won'thave time to finish my X-mas submission. Blah!

X-mas Update!

2008-12-11 09:01:46 by StickemUpOnline

My X-Mas submission is coming along nicely. After today I should be about a third way through! I plan on being finished by the 23rd. If not The 29th at the latest.

Also, at the end of my submission I will be debuting my own personal Theme Song! Oh crap is it good!

See you soon!

Time for work!

2008-12-05 10:31:56 by StickemUpOnline

I just uninstalled Left 4 Dead! Time to get to work.

Aw fuck...I've never wanted to play so badly in all my life! :(


2008-12-01 10:28:44 by StickemUpOnline

The project I'm working on is taking a bit longer than expected due to illness and lack of creativity. The song is just about done. Got a bad case of writers block. Hopefully it clears up soon.

On another note, I have a song I wrote that I'm considering doing something with for the x-mas fest. If I have time I would love to enter. We'll see though.

Okay, For cereals!

2008-11-05 12:03:04 by StickemUpOnline

I'm working on a new's a music video. I was going to do it full on green screen live action and upload it to Metacafe. However, I'm goin to put in the extra work to replace the live action effects with animated effects, so the end result will be another live action/flash animation. Here's the run down:

Song - Epic
Subject matter - Epic
Acting - bad!

I'll try and keep everyone updated as the project progresses. The song is almost finished being written. Should be done at the end of the week. Recording and mixing should only take a couple of days.

Also, sorry I was a no show for Halloween. Life happened and I couldn't meet the deadline even if I tried. I'll just save it until next year!


2008-08-24 13:52:16 by StickemUpOnline

I'm, perchaps, coming back. Maybe, for halloween. Maybe.

Pico Day 08 Preview!

2008-03-15 20:22:02 by StickemUpOnline

Here's a bit of a preview of things to come! I'm hard at work and this should blow a few minds! See you all on Pico Day! LOL's for everyone...on me!

Pico Day 08 Preview!

And then The hate mail!

2008-03-07 17:28:28 by StickemUpOnline

It's relentless. The shear volume of people who vote down my submissions because they like Water Lollies better. And I know my work isn't even approaching that of Adam Phillips. Look, I understand that Water Lollies is just like a visual orgasm, though, in my opinion, lacking in plot. Not to say my latest submission was at all "thrilling". It's just like some kind of running gag. I submit something I've been working on for a while. It gets great reviews. Then it gets voted up above Water Lollies. That's when it starts. I getter PM after PM, comment after comment, berating me about how my work is shit compared to Water Lollies and it shouldn't be so popular. Look, it's not like I wave some kind of wand and force my work up to the top. It's not like my work just pops up there in a couple seconds. It's a process, that takes days. If you don't want my work above Water Lollies then just give it a bad score before it gets up there. Because, seriously, I'd rather have a shit score than an inbox full of shit talking. So please, use you head. Thnx! XD

New Flash!

2008-03-04 08:09:08 by StickemUpOnline

Here's a bit of a screen for my new flash! Now go see it in motion!

The Pen is Mightier...

New Flash!

TF2 vs. Dora the Explorer!

2008-02-04 12:03:46 by StickemUpOnline

Here's a little strip I did. I'd like to make a whole cartoon with a bunch of shorts like this. Hey! Maybe I will!

There's also an animated .gif here!

TF2 vs. Dora the Explorer!